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An collection of images that resemble an assassination plot on Stanley Kubrick during the Spring of 1966
"The Green Slime are coming!"
(Best theme song ever. YouTube it.)

"The Green Slime are coming!"

(Best theme song ever. YouTube it.)


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Mas Yendo: Machines for Living in The End of Times via Socks Studio

“What I speculate in my work is that new technologies will play an important part in how architects embrace new ideas. The advancement of seemingly unrelated sciences such as biochemical engineering, coupled with the growing consciousness of environmental issues, furthered by the development of mechanical design, must serve to inspire creativity”

“Under the sway of abstract scientific theories, architecture has lost its connection to the concrete experience of space. Theoretical models derived from the natural sciences tend to overlook significant characteristics of the physical environment and their effects on human occupants. Often, technologies are imagined to fulfill human needs that remain, in fact, completely unsatisfied.”

“We must therefore think of a place as a qualitative, total, existential phenomenon. Existential space: this is the basic relationship between man and his environment.”

-Mas Yendo

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